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 The Sex Therapist in Johannesburg  Midvaal

Escort in Midvaal Johannesburg South Africa
33 year old Escort in Midvaal Johannesburg South Africa
blonde Escort The Sex Therapist in Midvaal Johannesburg South Africa

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 Recent SMS messages from The Sex Therapist:
 18 Jan  "semen retention is taught by Godivah The Sex Therapist 0817007881, premature expert in Johannesburg, Sandton and Midvaal. What is Semen Retention? Semen Retention is The avoidance of male ejaculation either through sexual abstinence, or by practicing sexual intercourse without ejaculation. Importantly, semen retention does not refer to the avoidance of orgasm. In this practice, orgasm is separated from ejaculation, making it possible to enjoy the full pleasure of sexual intercourse - including orgasm - without experiencing seminal ejaculation. Semen retention is an ancient practice, believed to maximize male physical and spiritual energy. Much of the history appears to be rooted in Taoist sexual practices. Worldwide, this practice exists in many cultures, under different names; Sexual continence Seminal conservation Sexual transmutation ( Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich ) Coitus Reservatus ( Latin ) karezza ( Italian ) maithuna ( Hindu Tantra ) Sahaja ( Hindu Yoga ) "cai Yin pu Yang" and "cai Yang pu Yin" ( Taoist sexual practices ) Semen retention is not to be confused with modern-day practices such as NoFap and Orgasm control. Although both of these treat Orgasm and ejaculation specially, they ultimately permit ejaculation- NoFAP - the avoidance of porn and masturbation. Orgasm and ejaculation are allowed with a partner, but solo sex is avoided. Orgasm control, also referred to as edging, peaking, or surfing. Orgasm and ejaculation are delayed, but eventually allowed at the end of the sexual session. Purported Benefits Practitioners ascribe near-mystical superpower qualities to semen conservation, which include; Self-confidence and a notable boost in courage Attractiveness to the opposite sex Energy and focus Mental clarity and awareness, including social situations Motivation, to do things that are good for you - gym, create, think, date, socialize. Groundedness, calmness, significantly reduced anxiety Sex drive, including harder erections and loss of any erectile dysfunction (ED) Deeper voice Weight loss Increased muscle mass Better sleep Clearer skin / no acne and many more..."
The Sex Therapist
081 700 7881
(Please mention Redvelvet.co.za)
Area: Midvaal
Age: 33
Available: 24/7 - By Appointment
Bust: 34 B
Travel: yes Eyes: green
  Hair: blonde
Godivah the Sex Therapist 0817007881 is a Premature Expert, and Multiple Orgasm coach. Learn to hold back the ejaculation, while still orgasming, over, and over again. Now doing virtual Sex Talk Guidance sessions! PLEASE PHONE ME FOR MORE DETAILS!

Profile Updated: 12/01/2021

Listed Under: Foot Fetish, Dress Up, Couples, Doubles, Prostate Play, Cock an Ball Torture, White, Massage, Upmarket, Strippers, Ultra Executive GFE,

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